headquarters small For more than 60 years, Rossi has been developing its business in the most demanding applications, becoming one  of the world’s leading gearbox specialist in key strategic segments.
Rossi is market leader in the heavy industry, such as mining, metal, plastic and rubber, etc..

Even in the toughest environment, Rossi offers state of the art technology and quality solutions for the most demanding applications. Rossi is Market Driven and strives to be a company  “easy to work with” and with high customer orientation.



The success of our company was built on the basis of high quality standards of products and people.

Our dream is to make quality and innovation of our solutions so attractive to induce customers to prefer our proposal.

This will allow our company to become one of the top 5 suppliers of power transmission within the next 5 years, gaining a worldwide reputation for quality service and products.

We want to share our vision with our employees motivated to make this dream come true.



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New catalog TX Premium line Electric Asynchronous...
Rossi S.p.A. presents its upgrade of the S catalog of heavy duty roller table motors. The new catalog upgrade refers to :  
  • brand new size 112 added...

  • worldwide