Rossi and Crippa S.p.A.

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28 July 2020

Rossi and Crippa S.p.A.

Rossi S.p.A and Crippa S.p.A: a collaboration between engineering challenges and quality products.

The Italian company leader in design and marketing of tube processing machines chooses Rossi technology

Reliability, precision and robustness: are essential paradigms for machines used in high productivity sectors such as the one in which the customers of Crippa operate, an Italian company that for over 70 years has been involved in the design and commissioning of machines and processes for bending and processing metal pipes, using cutting-edge technological solutions.

The company based in Arosio (Como) is recognized globally for its ability to develop innovative products and their constant propensity for process customization. They are also widely regarded as the quality leader in this industrial sector.

Since early 2010, attention to market demands and based on the quality of the proposed final solution has been the common ground on which the partnership between Crippa and Rossi has been based. A collaboration between two companies that stems from the need for “HEAVY” duty machines capable of developing high deformation intended for heavy-duty machining on large diameter pipes.

The application knowledge, the detailed technical response capability, the robust design as well as the reliability and precision of the Rossi EP planetary series were the decisive factors that led Crippa to choose the Rossi solution.

"The intellectual discussion and technical approach to the challenges by the Rossi team, in addition to the quality of the product, were fundamental in the design phase of the new machine", says Domenico Fulco, R&D Manager of Crippa.

Rossi gearboxes are at the very core of the bending process, and are able to provide the torque necessary for deformation and required reduced backlash customization, an alternative to the standard catalog product.

In 2016, Crippa proposed some engineering challenges to Rossi, and through mutual understanding and lateral thinking set about the designing the largest Multi-level and Multi-radius 225HE tube bender, currently the largest in the world and designed to meet the high specifications of the Naval and marine sector.

A long-standing cooperation that has led Crippa to once again select Rossi planetary gearboxes for the further evolution of this family of machines. In 2020, the new Full Electric 150LE tube bending machine (Video 150LE)  was created, able to satisfy all the main production needs coming from the market which normally do not require the execution of extremely complex geometries for which numerous bending planes are required. The reduced backlash reducer, built to order, gives the machine precision and quality required.

Rossi is an ideal partner for projects that call for variable needs in multiple industries, thanks to the ability to engineer flexible and customizable solutions according to specific market or customer requests.


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