Rossi and Sheppee: a high-quality partnership

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22 September 2020

Rossi and Sheppee: a high-quality partnership

The English company leader in the production of glass material handling systems confirms its trust in Rossi

It’s a long-term partnership between Rossi and the British company Sheppee, based on reliability and quality.

In a market where the production speed is at the base and where the specific characteristics of each customer impose customizable designs, to choose Rossi solutions means for Sheppee being able to count on a reliable partner at all stages of the process.

Advanced movement and positioning control, as well as the constant stability of the moving container, represent the vital elements in the design of these machines. Requirements fully met thanks to Rossi servo gear reducers range, sized in each part to obtain maximum torsional stiffness and minimum angular backlash, with high rated and peak torque.

SR series servo gear reducers, selected for their precision, accuracy and reduced backlash features, allow to obtain precise and performing start and stop movements ensuring efficient handling, a decrease in machine downtime and a higher speed.

The wide Rossi product range combined with top-level support at all stages of the design is able to meet the needs of the most varied application sectors


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