Rossi starts again at full speed serving international customers

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04 May 2020

Rossi starts again at full speed serving international customers

Reliability and quality thanks to cutting edge processes and technologies: Rossi starts again at full speed serving international customers.


Modena, 4th May 2020 – After the health emergency lockdown, Rossi starts again at full speed. At the time of restart, the company's attention was focused first of all on the health of employees and collaborators, who will be able to continue their work in conditions of total safety thanks to the protocols adopted (starting with the complete sanitation of production plants and all working environments) and thanks to the distributed health devices, together with the social distancing.

Recognized worldwide for their reliability and quality, Rossi's products are the result of cutting-edge technological know-how and continuous evolution, always focused on providing customized answers to the needs of the individual markets in which the company operates. Attention was also paid to the considerable investments made to increase the efficiency and modernization of its production and assembly lines.

At Rossi facilities in Ganaceto (flagship of the company, where all components are produced), Modena (component assembly) and Lecce (complete production of planetary gearboxes), in fact, technologically advanced production systems have been developed, thanks to the renewal process of the facilities, replacing the production and assembly lines with automated installations: an industrial production perfectly in line with Industry 4.0 principles, automated and totally interconnected, which guarantees even more safety, quality, flexibility and efficiency.

"I believe a very important result has been achieved - comments Giovanni Volpi, President of Rossi - because being able to count on an Industry 4.0 factory not only guarantees maximum automation and process efficiency, but also maximum safety for our operators".
"I’d like to thank our entire company team for their valuable collaboration,- 
adds Salvatore De Chiara, Corporate Operations Director at Rossi,- "who was truly fundamental in the development of this project, having put in place top-level specializations and skills".

In the last few years the company has also implemented the line for the assembly of large-sized helical and bevel helical gearboxes, Rossi’s real strength. In order to verticalize the production process inside the factory, an innovative painting plant with anthropomorphous robot has been installed which allows a strong reduction of painting time, better control of the painting process and higher quality, as well as an improvement of the operators' safety conditions thanks to water-based paints and no manual handling. The renewal of some machinery and the related production cycle has led to a 50% increase in productivity, with a sharp reduction in the painting cycle.

In a company that is about 70 years old, the replacement of production machines is part of the technological and knowledge evolution that leads to the use of more and more complex machines. Each department today has dedicated personnel with specific technological skills who program and develop software for the various machines, with increasingly advanced systems. In Rossi there is a high attention to Talent Management 4.0, i.e. to the management of digital talent and the ability of workers. In order to guarantee business success, today more than ever, it is the digital skills of human resources that play a crucial role in the level of competitiveness of each company.

In production management, the implementation of the Kaizen project has been fundamental for the improvement of production efficiency, especially through the humanization of the workplace, which is expressed through the involvement in business processes, continuous training, adaptation of the line and working methods to the needs of the worker. A constant comparison of results obtained, problems, data and measurements and everything related to the operation part has allowed the start of continuous improvement processes that have also had repercussions in raising customer service levels, now more efficient and faster.

Also worth mentioning is the recent achievement by Rossi of the international certification OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series), which further strengthens the company's mission to pay attention both to a conscious production and to the safety of its employees. A goal achieved thanks to significant investments in training and prevention, through the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and the empowerment and involvement of all staff.

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