New General Manager Rossi Malaysia Interview

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18 November 2020

New General Manager Rossi Malaysia Interview

Mr. Benjamin Quah has been appointed as Rossi Gearmotors South East Asia Sdn Bhd General Manager starting from 2nd  of November 2020. Let’s meet him!

Dear Mr. Quah, before this new appointment, what did Rossi represent from your point of view - since your long experience in this sector - in the power transmission world market?
Before joining the company, I knew Rossi was one of the main manufacturers of a comprehensive range of gear reducers, gearmotors and electric motors, for several applications and industry segments, worldwide.  

Which is your first impression about the first 2 weeks in Rossi Gearmotors South East Asia Sdn Bhd?
After joining, my first impression was that team is small but very enthusiastic therefore my first task is to grow with them and create a strong teamwork.
Then, we should focus on market strategy all together.

Which are the first step you would make in order to increase the performance of the company in South East Asia?
The first step is to establish the procedures which the team can follow accordingly. Concurrently, executing the business plan in line with Rossi SPA objectives and strategies. In summary, I emphasize my team to be very objectives-focused & results-oriented, of course to also ensure company cash flow is sufficient for business operation sustainability.

How is the situation of the sector market in South East Asia, which are the prospects of the next months?
At this moment, due to COVID situation, Rossi SEA office is operating on semi mode (every staff works in office and from home).
Key directions are to grow our presence in already consolidated industrial segments.
Following a deep recession in 2020, due to COVID situation, the economic forecasts for real GDP is to grow by 5% in 2021. Growth will be supported by infrastructure projects and a rebound in private consumption. The size of the economy will, nevertheless, be smaller in 2021 than in 2019.  
We will anyway continue, in spite of the situation, to provide customers with added value while striving to further enhance service quality and spread our brand value.


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