New Solutions for Air Cooled Condenser

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23 June 2020

New Solutions for Air Cooled Condenser

NEW Dedicated gear units for Air Cooled Condensers

In the global marketplace, our customers, investors,partners value our products and services for two reasons: excellence and reliability.
In Rossi S.p.A., we have made of change a strategic lever for our growth. It's from here that we start when thinking about new solutions such as ACC (Air Cooled Condenser).

Helical gearboxes in vertical mounting position, electric motor bolted bell housing with axial fan and heat exchanger for gearbox cooling, integrated foot mounted housing, patented lubrication circuit: no pressure, with slave pump, reduced oil quantity, and all oil bathed bearings, possibility of bidirectional oil slave pump, and many other important features make this product the best solution for power generation industry.

Main applications are: biomass power plants, gas-fired power plants, waste incineration plants, oil-fired power plants.

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