Who we are

We are a global manufacturer of durable and high-quality gearboxes, gearmotors and electric motors.

Solutions for an evolving industry

From 1953, we have been world leader in the manufacture of gear reducers, gearmotors and electric motors, used even in the most demanding applications.
We meet the needs of the most complex processes, and move them as required. At Rossi Group, innovation and professionalism represent our cutting edge, since the beginning.

The Rossi story began in Modena in the ‘50s

Gilio Rossi founded Rossi Motoriduttori in Modena, cradle of industrial mechanics. The company has established itself on an Italian level and then on an international level. Today Rossi is one of the leading industrial groups worldwide in the production and trade of gear reducers, gearmotors and electric motors. The Company is part of Moovimenta Group, the worldwide leader in the belting industry with a global presence in over 70 countries. The unique reliability of products and the continual development of technical innovations allow the Company to meet the needs of customers in several different application fields. Rossi has this objective in mind: inspire the market and anticipate the future, creating solutions for an evolving industry.

Rossi global presence

Rossi means quality

In the global marketplace, our customers and partners value our products and services for excellence and reliability and, above all, quality.

Quality is about our commitment to continuously moving our company and our customers forward.
For Rossi, quality means professionalism and a proactive  attitude in taking care of each individual customer. Rossi  has been a pioneer in the gear industry in adopting the  ISO 9001 standards, proud of its technology which has  obtained major industry acknowledgments over the  years.
Our products comply with the main industry regulations  (AGMA, GL, CTI, etc.)

Rossi Key Figures


1000 people around the world

Rossi employs more than 1000 professionals globally. We are passionate and knowledgeable about our customers business.

5000 customers worldwide

Our network of Distribution Partners and Service Centers means we can support businesses in more than 90 countries around the world.

Over 70 years of experience

We are serving customers from a wide range of industries around the world.

15 affiliated companies

Rossi has direct presence in over 15 countries around the world. We are a diverse organization with close proximity to your business.