Helical & bevel helical gear reducers & gearmotors


This series of gear reducers and gearmotors combines and exalts the traditional qualities of helical and bevel helical gear reducers (strength, accuracy, and reliability) with advantages derived from modern design, manufacturing and operating criteria.

These products are suitable for the heaviest duties, they offer universality and ease of application, a wide range of sizes, service and cost-effectiveness. 

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Helical & bevel helical gear reducers & gearmotors

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Discover the strengths of our helical & bevel helical gear reducers & gearmotors

  • Universal symmetrical cast iron housing suited for horizontal and vertical mounting with foot mounted housing on 4 faces or 2 faces on the B14
  • Single piece housing for high structural stiffness
  • Wide range of sizes, train of gears solutions and non-standard designs
  • Suitable to be equipped with large NEMA & IEC motors
  • Extended input-output center distance housing for U-layout
  • Case hardened and hardened gear pairs
  • Helical gear pairs with ground profile
  • GLEASON spiral bevel gear pairs with ground profile

G is the best ally for your needs

  • Drive the heaviest applications worldwide
  • Easy and functional shaft-mounting design
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • High performance and greater reliability
  • Strength and reliability for heavy duty applications

We develop and manufacture high-precision helical & bevel helical gearboxes


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