Rossi innovations in electronics

 The benefits of the new dDrive inverters

In the ever-changing world of industrial electronics, Rossi is leading the way with its innovative solutions, including the decentralized dDrive Inverter with sensorless vector control. 

The State of the Art: Rossi's dDrive Inverter

The dDrive Inverters represent a breakthrough in the electronic automation industry for Rossi. Using sophisticated algorithms to estimate rotor position and monitor motor performance, these devices improve reliability and reduce the need for additional sensors, contributing to a more compact and cost-effective design.

Key benefits include precise speed and torque regulation of electric motors, improved energy efficiency, and reduced mechanical stress on connected machines. In addition, dDrive Inverters are equipped with communication protocols such as Modbus, Profibus or Ethernet IP, enabling seamless connectivity with other industrial control systems. This feature facilitates data exchange, remote monitoring and coordination with other components in the production process.

The Value Added for Rossi Customers

One of the reasons Rossi embraced this technology is its positive impact on customers. dDrive inverters are a type of variable frequency drive (VFD) used widely in gearmotors to control the speed and torque of electric motors by adjusting the frequency and voltage. This leads to a significant improvement in energy efficiency and enables precise control of motor speed, increasing the overall performance of gearmotors.

dDrive Inverters and the iFit Series: A Winning Combination
The combination of dDrive Inverters with the iFit series of gearmotors offers numerous advantages that enable Rossi to better serve its customers and fully meet their needs. This combination enables precise speed control of electric motors connected to gearboxes, which is critical in many industrial applications that require different speeds for optimal performance.

In addition, dDrive facilitates acceleration and deceleration without overloading the motors, reducing mechanical stress on both the motor and the coupled machine. This results in longer device life and lower maintenance requirements. The ability to precisely control torque is critical in applications that require varying levels of force, such as in processes involving heavy loads or delicate materials.

Through its integration with the smart manufacturing environment, the dDrive Inverter offers connectivity, data exchange and remote monitoring, following the principles of Industry 4.0. This paves the way for predictive maintenance and operational efficiency.

Sustainability: A Commitment by Rossi
"From a sustainability standpoint, Rossi is committed to helping reduce environmental impact. dDrive inverters and high-efficiency motors optimize energy use, meeting environmental standards and promoting environmentally sustainable practices in industrial operations," said Nicola Locanto - Head of Segment Food & Beverage - iFIT - dDrive

For the future, Rossi foresees further advances in the use of new materials, thermal management of gearmotors, adoption of digital twin technology, edge computing data processing and cybersecurity to protect data. These developments aim to improve efficiency, reliability and connectivity, ultimately contributing to smarter and more robust gearmotor systems.

In summary, dDrive Inverters represent a milestone in industrial electronics for Rossi, providing significant benefits for customers and supporting the company's commitment to a more sustainable future. With their key role in Industry 4.0, Rossi is poised to lead the industry into a future of innovation and sustainability.

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