Sustainability in Rossi

Strategies for a more sustainable future


The Moovimenta Group and Rossi are committed to sustainability at corporate, cultural, and policy levels. Rossi, in particular, adopts an ESG policy focused on five of the UN Sustainable Development Goals,
 promoting concrete projects to reduce environmental impact, protect human rights, improve working conditions, and combat corruption.
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Sustainability and economics are not mutually exclusive. We aim to positively impact our customers' environmental sustainability by reducing energy, water, and material consumption.

We apply a holistic view to ourselves and our customers' processes and commit to reduce our resource usage and carbon emissions.
Our purchasing policies include an environmental sustainability assessment of suppliers.

We have a Group target: to become net-zero by 2030 through energy-saving measures, renewable energy sources, and carbon offsetting. The Group will determine and provide the Product Carbon Footprint for all component products. The Group's managerial reward and objectives systems contain a meaningful component towards improving their environmental perspective of ESG.


We aim to balance the social needs of stakeholders with economic goals in an equitable manner. We believe that social needs and economic desires are not mutually exclusive.

We provide secure employment, promoting global employee mobility, valuing inclusion and diversity, conducting employee surveys and exit interviews, offering challenging and rich job contents, prioritizing health and safety, and positively impacting the local communities where we operate.

We believe in paying the full taxes due in the countries where we operate and will compile an annual social impact report with metrics and commentary.

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We have a Group governance model, tailored to our size and circumstances. The model aims to mitigate risks to reputation, ensure business continuity, and realize economic and strategic aims for profitable growth.

Key elements of the governance model include a Board of Directors with a good balance of resources, consistency across agendas, policy establishment by group functions, and monitoring by boards.

The group code of conduct covers ethical business behaviors and whistleblower policies.

We maintain a strong financial foundation, including a strong balance sheet, avoiding high debt gearing, and we believe in a conservative dividend distribution.

The policy for operating in conflict zones and areas of political unrest focuses on protecting employees and maintaining neutral political stances.

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