Rossi increases productivity in the steel processing

A wide experience with the most important Metal Companies, technical expertise and solutions granting high efficiency, outstanding reliability and low maintenance. 

The World Steel Association consider that global steel demand growth in 2021 will amount to 4.1% (from 1725 million tons of finished products in 2020, to 1795 million tons in 2021). The metal industry is constantly evolving and facing countless challenges: process efficiency, productivity - combined with efficient use of soil, water, and energy - in harsh conditions where environmental impact plays an increasingly important role.

From design to production, Rossi strives to meet the increasing needs and challenges of our steel plant customers by providing world-class tailored solutions with superior quality to support challenges for the heavy-duty industry.

A consolidated partner for the Metal industry, Rossi offers a wide range of products, such as S Series heavy-duty motors, H series and G series helical and bevel helical gearboxes, EP series planetary gear reducers & gearmotors and E series coaxial gearmotors, well suited to meet the high demands of most different applications such as: furnace entry/exit roller table, hot leveler roller table, cooling bed, withdrawal and straightening, tunnel furnace, shuttle furnace, entry/exit looper, bridles, seamless pipe mill and many others.

Customized solutions for both electric motors and gearboxes together with high flexibility and quality, solid products (cast iron frame) and long life with low maintenance required, together with knowledge and close collaboration with customers, are the major factors that drives Rossi to achieve results unequaled in the steel industry.

Steel plants require maximum performance 24 hours a day with minimal maintenance and high productivity. Rossi can increase steel plant productivity thanks to long-lasting products suitable to maximize performance and to minimize the Total Cost of Ownership.


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