Worm servo gear reducer

Worm servo gear reducer

SR Series

Product Category

Motion control


Type MR


  • Wide range of servo gearboxes, designed to fit almost all servo motors found on the market
  • Designed for the highest torsional stiffness and the lowest angular backlash, for the maximum torque and overhung loads
  • Bush with slots and hub clamp for servomotor coupling



  • Enhanced dimensional compactness due to direct servomotor coupling
  • Widest range of possible servomotors coupling dimensions.
  • The correct technical solution thanks to a comprehensive range of sizes, gear stages, transmission ratios, designs and non-standard designs.

Worm servo gear reducers

SR series



Size 7 sizes (32 ... 81) 9 sizes (40 ... 126)
Accelerating torque TA2 31.5 ... 747 N m 56 ... 2,200 N m
Transmission ratio i 7 ... 239 7 ... 125