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Rossi Motorreductores SL is the Rossi S.p.A. subsidiary for the Iberian Peninsula. With a young and dynamic team, the subsidiary is located in Viladecans, very close to the Barcelona airport and the main infrastructures of the Iberian Peninsula. It has a national stock dynamically managed to meet the needs of our customers, complemented by a European stock computerized in real time.
Investments made over the last few years allow us to assemble several product ranges locally, so Rossi is able to offer short deliveries on most of its product ranges and sizes and also has an assorted stock of spare parts, in case of unforeseen failures.

Our history

For more than 70 years, Rossi has developed products for the most demanding applications, becoming a world leader in the manufacture of gearboxes and gearmotors for the main heavy industry installations, in the mining, steel and plastic sectors, among others, of which it is the market leader. The Iberian subsidiary, located in a strategic infrastructure environment, has been managing the Spanish and Portuguese markets since 1993, serving the most demanding customers in a professional manner. Our team of engineers is at your disposal to help you solve any problem related to power transmission.

Rossi Motorreductores S.L. 

La Forja, 43

E-08840 Viladecans (Barcelona)

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